Top Four Airlines Popular For their Reward Programs

Top Four Airlines Popular For their Reward Programs

Frequent flyer programs, also called loyalty programs are now a very integral part of the travel and tourism industry. Airline miles or travel points are considered a traveler’s biggest asset. It is the only edge a traveler has over an airline. Now that frequent flyer programs are so widespread and popular, some airlines solely rely on them to expand their customer base and retain a large clientele. Encouraging loyalty in exchange for perks and discounts was a genius idea and has now been in the works for more than a decade. In this article, we take a look at the top four airlines that are popularly used and famous for their reward programs.

United Airlines

This major United States airline has the extra edge of being highly experienced. With the introduction of its frequent flyer program, it has managed to become the number one choice for domestic traveling within United States. It is the founding member of Star Alliance, which has grown to become the largest airline alliance with a total of 28 partner airlines. When you earn or buy United miles, you get to redeem them with other partner airlines as well as itself. This increases a traveler’s scope for retaining benefits. Mileage Plus, United’s reward program is associated with big names including Air New Zealand, Air China, Air Canada, Thai Airways, Turkish airlines, Singapore airlines and All Nippon Airways among others.

Delta Airlines

Like United, Delta airline is a major name in the United States, flying on all important routes domestically as well as covering flights to Africa. With close to a hundred years of experience, the airline does not lack efficiency in terms of flight operations. In fact the airline successfully operates on a domestic and international network, flying to six continents in total. A flyer is more likely to opt for Delta’s frequent flyer program due to the airline’s widespread operations. SkyMiles are considered highly valued and the alliance with SkyTeam sure adds to the program’s charm. Delta airlines has drawn great popularity for its program as they have made earning elite status extremely easy and its miles don’t come with an expiration date. Earning upgrade certificates is quite easy too.

Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airline’s frequent flyer program, known as Miles and Smiles has managed to attract quite a number of users and has fostered the element of loyalty that it intended. Turkish Airline serves 304 destinations, covering Asia, Africa, Americas and Europe, thereby making it one of the biggest airlines operating in the region. Also part of the Star Alliance, Miles&Smiles is associated with many big names in the industry. The program’s high number of users can be attributed to its user friendliness. It is a very uncomplicated miles system with no hidden terms and conditions.

British Airways

Seldom is a flyer unfamiliar with the executive club introduced by British Airways. Over the years, it has gained massive recognition and evolved greatly with industry changes. British Airways being the flag carrier for United Kingdom naturally serves on a great number of important routes all around the world. Part of the One World Alliance means the executive club is in partnership with big names like Qantas, Cathay Pacific, American Airlines and Canadian airlines. The program’s reward currency, Avios is quite rewarding in terms of saving money on flights.